Storytelling Activities (for all classrooms)

Give It a Voice

This is an activity appropriate for any subject where you’re studying a specific noun (person, place, thing, or idea).  Similar to the caricature activity, you can have your students create a character sketch of your content and give it something to say that reinforces what they have learned during the lesson.


  1. In groups, pairs, or individually, assign students a person/place/thing from today’s lesson.  Have students characterize their subject in bullets or notes (physical description, action, inner thoughts, reactions, and speech).  Have them think creatively. For example, “What would an amoeba think about as it swims around?” 

“What would Thomas Jefferson think about the current American political party system?”  “How would a right angle react to a rhombus?”

  1. Students use their notes to create a voice for their subject.  Next, they write a speech for that subject to deliver to the class explaining its purpose, function, personal beliefs, and ideas.
  2. Students present their subject voices to the class.  A discussion of their creative choices can be used for closure.

One-Page Story Review

 This is an easy activity for either wrapping up a lesson or getting students to recall information from the previous day’s lesson by having students write a one-page creative story based on the 5Ws and H of the lesson. 


  1. In groups, pairs, or individually, have students identify the most important Who, What, Why, When, Where, and How from the lesson (either today’s or the previous lesson).  Their responses must be descriptive and supported with evidence from the lesson.
  2. In a specific amount of time, students write a creative story (no longer than one page) incorporating all of their notes together.
  3. Students submit and present their stories to the class.  A discussion of their creative choices is used for closure.